The description of "Office" project

It's a new Poker MIRA project, created especially for players who want to receive a steady income.

When becoming an "Office" Participant you get a unique opportunity to earn money on the poker game of your friends and their friends. This is more than just Rakeback, it's your own Poker business!

Each Poker MIRA User can become a Participant of the "Office" project. To apply for participation in the project, you must fill out the registration form and pass the approval of the Poker MIRA Security Service.
As a participant of the project, you receive a part of the rake from friends you have invited and if your friends also invite their friends, you will receive a part of their rake, and so on until level 10. Each level is formed on the basis of invitation a new player by Poker MIRA user.
Each project Participant has access to its own "Personal Cabinet".

Let us explain – what is "Personal Cabinet"?
In "Personal Cabinet" a Participant get access to all kind of information and statistics of his own "Office", such as:
  • Profit you received for participating in the project;
  • Number of players on each of 10 levels;
  • Profit brought you by each level;
  • List of players at each level;
  • Profit brought you by each player;
  • The position you hold.

In "Personal Cabinet" you can transfer your earned money in "Office" to your Poker MIRA account, check the history of transactions.
To enter the "Personal cabinet", the Participant must type the login and password of his Poker MIRA account in "Office" section at
If you are not yet Participant of the project, after entering the login and password you will be asked to fill out a registration form for filing proposal to participation and learning the Agreement on "Office" project.

Levels filling.
After registration and approval the project participant must invite at least 7 new players to Poker MIRA. After that he begins to receive a part of their rake, i.e. - receive profit.
Those 7 players form and open the first "Office" level. When an invited by the Participant friend invite players on their own, those players open and form the second level, and so on until level 10. To open levels from 2 to 10, it is sufficient to have just one invited player on any of these levels. Each level brings profit to the Participant, which is expressed in a certain percentage from players rake in his "Office". Accordingly, the more friends you invite, or you friends invite new players, the greater will be your profit. Maximum number of levels - 10, but the number of players at each level is unlimited.
Each member of your "Office" can become an independent Participant of the project and to establish its own poker business and you will still receive profit from your friends' rake and from his friends too, provided that they do not go beyond your 10th level.

Example of levels filling.

Level Participants Operation
1 x Players are invited by the project Participant
2 x Players are invited by the Users from 1 level
3 x Players are invited by the Users from 2 level
4 x Players are invited by the Users from 3 level
5 x Players are invited by the Users from 4 level
6 x Players are invited by the Users from 5 level
7 x Players are invited by the Users from 6 level
8 x Players are invited by the Users from 7 level
9 x Players are invited by the Users from 8 level
10 x Players are invited by the Users from 9 level

The First level is filled by players that are invited by the project Participant. The second level is filled by players that are invited by users at first level of your "office". The third and subsequent levels are filled by the same principle.

How the positions are appropriated?
Position shows – how successful you are in project. The more levels you open, the more significant position you are assigned. When you became a Participant and haven't yet invited 7 friends, you receive the position of "Trainee". In "Personal Cabinet", opposite your current position, you can find the information of how many friends you need to invite to start earning. After 7 friends being invited you receive the position of "Junior sales". If new level is opened you receive a higher position.Positions in "Office"

Positions in "Office"

Level Position Rake contribution
0 Trainee
1 Junior Sales 22,5%
2 Senior Sales 11.25%
3 Leading Sales 5,62%
4 Chief Sales 2,81%
5 Head of department 1,43%
6 Director 0,72%
7 Senior Director 0,36%
8 Leading Director 0,18%
9 Main Director 0,09%
10 CEO 0,04%

Making profit
You make profit from players at each level which is expressed in a certain percent of their net rake (rake less bonuses, rakeback, and etc). Each level has its own charging percent to your profit. The closer the level is to the Participant, the greater is the percentage. The highest percent you get from your first level, because only you can affect in the quantity of that level.

Rake Charging from each level

Level Charging percent
1 22,5%
2 11,25%
3 5,62%
4 2,81%
5 1,43%
6 0.72%
7 0.36%
8 0.18%
9 0.09%
10 0.04%

You are CEO and have 10 active levels under you. Let's assume that every player brings $10 Rake each month. Then, if the players are distributed over the levels as follows:

Level Participants Profit
1 500 $1125.00
2 480 $540.00
3 460 $258.52
4 440 $123.64
5 420 $60.06
6 400 $28.8
7 380 $13.68
8 360 $6.48
9 340 $3.06
10 320 $1.28
Total: 4100 $2160.52

You profit per month will be $2160.52

To summarize, "Office" - a simple project created for Poker MIRA users. Your profit depends on you; it does not need to make a serious effort. It's just enough to invite friends to Poker MIRA and calculate the daily profit.