Agreement on the "Office" project

Agreement on the "Office" project is between you (hereinafter referred to as "Participant") and the Limesco Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as Poker MIRA). Before you begin participation in the "Office" project, read the agreement.

1. Project Participants

1.1. Each Poker MIRA User can become a Participant of the "Office" project. To apply for participation in the project, you must fill out the registration form. The proposal must pass the approval of the Poker MIRA Security Service. After received proposal processed, the User will be informed by e-mail he entered during the registration, if his candidacy is confirmed or denied. If confirmed, the User will get the access to "Personal cabinet" on
1.2. The proposal is processed in seven calendar days, from the date of filing.
1.3. After activating the "Personal cabinet", the User automatically receives the position of "Trainee" (for more details about positions, see Table 1).
1.4. To enter the "Personal cabinet", the Participant must type its Poker MIRA login and password.
1.5. In the "Personal Cabinet", Participant has access to the section with statistical information (nickname, Participant's position, the number of invited friends at every level, the profit that has brought each level, etc.).

2. Participation conditions

2.1. "Office" Participant must have Poker MIRA account.
2.2. "Office" Participant must provide complete information by filling out the registration form in 1.1. of the Agreement.
2.3. User used the software in good faith and did not violate the terms of Poker MIRA License Agreement.

3. Rights of the parties.

3.1. Participant is entitled to:
3.1.1. Invite friends to Poker MIRA.
3.1.2. Renounce unilaterally from the "Office" project, notifying Poker MIRA via email.
3.1.3. Transfer the entire amount or part of the money from the "Office" balance to its personal Poker MIRA account.
3.2. Poker MIRA is entitled to:
3.2.1. Unilaterally allow or deny participation in "Office" project to any User.
3.2.2. Poker MIRA reserves the right not to explain the reasons for refusal to participate in the "Office" project.
3.2.3. Withhold part or entire of the Participant money, if the Participant or any User on one of its levels has violated the Poker MIRA License Agreement.
3.2.4. Suspend or terminate the accrual of profit (rake) to the participant of the "Office" project if invited users on one of its lower levels violate Poker MIRA License Agreement.
3.2.5. Suspend or terminate the accrual of income (rake), if Member of "Office", shows no activity in attracting users, or involved users are not active.
3.2.6. From time to time to change and supplement this Agreement as set out in clause 6 below.

4. Calculations of the amounts of charges and payment procedure.

4.1. To start making profit in the "Office" project," You must invite at least 7 people.
4.2. When the Participant invites 7 friends, he is appointed to the position of "Junior sales" - this is the first level (See Table 1 for more details about levels). From that moment he starts to receive profit from rake of the invited friends. Profit depends on: the number of invited friends and their activity on Poker MIRA, the number of Users invited by your friends.
4.3. Calculating of the rake accumulated from your friends in "Office" is carried out every 24 hours.
4.4. Net rake (rake less bonuses, rakeback, and etc) profit collected from users at the appropriate level is charging according to the percentage distribution stated in Table 1.
4.5. The charged amount information is updated after calculating being processed.
4.6. For each "Office" Participant there is an accounting of accumulated funds from each level and accounting of total accumulated amount.
4.7. Project participant, through the "Personal Cabinet" at Poker MIRA site may submit no more than 3 transfer requests for the part or the entire sum of balance to its Poker MIRA account in a calendar month.

5. Levels opening and rake charging

5.1. First level opens after the Participant invites 7 or more friends.
- In the case if one or more of invited friends are blocked by Poker MIRA Security Service before level 1 is opened, those Users will not be considered as invited;
- In the case if one or more of invited friends are blocked by Poker MIRA Security Service after level 1 is opened, the "Office" will continue to work with the remaining Users;
5.2. The second level opens and begins to fill, when invited Users, in turn, invite new friends.
5.3. The third and subsequent levels open and fill in the same way as the second level.
5.4. The maximum number of levels is 10.
5.5. The number of users at each level is unlimited.
5.6. At the same time the Participant can be a part of other Participants' "Office" and be a "Father" of its own "Office".
5.7. If User, before he joins the "Office" project, have the invited players, they automatically fill his levels after he become a Participant.
5.8. When opening levels, the Participant receives a corresponding position and net rake (rake less bonuses, rakeback, and etc) charging percent from each player in his "Office" according to Table 1.

Table №1
Level The Participants' Position in "Office" Charges from Rake(%)
0 Trainee
1 Junior Sales 22.50
2 Senior Sales 11.25
3 Leading Sales 5.62
4 Chief Sales 2.81
5 Head of department 1.43
6 Director 0.72
7 Senior Director 0.36
8 Leading Director 0.18
9 Main Director 0.09
10 CEO 0.04

6. Changes and additions

6.1. Poker MIRA reserves the right to update or modify this Agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice. You will be bound by such amended Agreement within 10 days of it being posted at the Site. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the Site regularly and check the terms and conditions contained in the version of the Agreement in force at such time. Your continued use "Office" project shall be deemed to attest to your agreement to any amendments to the Agreement.